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Recommended Reading

In FIRST BREAK ALL THE RULES, Buckingham and Coffman explain in plain English that the greatest managers have little in common.  They differ in age, sex, and race.  They employ vastly different styles and focus on different goals.  Yet despite their differences, great managers do share on common trait: They do not hesitate to break virtually every rule held sacred by conventional wisdom.  There are vital performance and career lessons in this classic book for managers at every level, and this book , as NextStep can attest to,  shows every reader the vital need and the practical way to apply these lessons to every situation.- both personally and professionally.

Building a Healthy Business

Successful companies figure out how to survive and thrive in good times and bad.  Two things stand out about these companies.  First, there is as emphasis on building shareholder value.  Second, there is a focus on developing the organization’s ability to adapt as circumstances change.

These companies understand that building a company’s financial strength provides the resources necessary to fund future growth, explore new opportunities, and withstand business slowdowns.

As for the ability to adapt, we all know nothing ever remains the same.  The economic environment changes, consumers tastes change, innovation leads to better solutions.  If a business lacks the ability to adapt, it will eventually become irrelevant. 

Our approach at NextStep was created to help our clients develop sustainability.  We’ve been successful helping our clients develop:

  • Strategy based on customer wants
  • A well trained effective team
  • Efficient processes that constantly improve
  • Management systems that identify what’s important and properly focus team efforts 

Here are some of the tools in our toolkit.  Clients use our hiring suite to make better decisions on who they hire and who they promote.  Our Business Operating System helps organizations set the right priorities and drive individual accountability.  The business dashboard lets our clients know which areas need attention.   And our Pocketbook MBA program helps develop the capabilities of key people so they can be catalysts within their companies.